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even posting online pages teeth in Vietnam, after brushing, parents can rinse their mouth with salt water or mouthwash to suppress the production of bacteria and plaque on the teeth. Note: Do not brush your child’s teeth with too strong a force to gums and tooth enamel of the child, so brush up and down along the tooth, or circle to remove the plaque. An effective way to help children clean their teeth when they get food is to brush their teeth. Parents should brush their teeth after eating for 30 minutes. Use a toothbrush when interfering with your child: Interdental brushes are an effective way to help children completely remove plaque from the teeth. After each meal, parents should use a toothbrush placed on the head of the tooth, followed by a small spin to bring the toothbrush deep into the edge of the tooth, moving the brush gently to clean the food. jammed in the teeth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho After a tooth decay, cannot eat hot and cold, what to teeth

About a month ago I fell from the car, from that moment I feel a bit. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Do not dare to eat hot, cold, when brushing teeth do not dare to rub again, especially two door teeth. Doctor asked me what medication can be used to improve the situation. Looking for a doctor to help me.

Tooth sensitivity when eating or oral hygiene affects health. Tooth decay, orthodontic treatment is the main cause of tooth sensitivity, synthetic treatment of sensitive teeth from experts, sharing the right way to take care of the teeth at home, prevent diseases. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

More worrying, those who are afflicted are often subjective, claiming that their sense of well-being can be cured without having to look for a remedy that has made the condition worse.

To find the most effective teeth whitening tips, you need to determine why the teeth are sensitive, the level of sensitivity to be based on which treatment root.

Green tea contains catechins, fluorides, tannic acids and other ingredients that support the formation of hardened protective enzymes for teeth, and tannic acid also reduces the role of calcium salts.

Just chew a few leaves of green tea for 5 minutes then rinse your mouth with clean water to help prevent bacteria, relieve tooth sensitivity quickly. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In garlic that contains fluoride, allicin helps the dentin layer to be restored and protected against external stimuli, which is considered to be one of the most popular teeth whitening treatments.

You just take a live garlic, split the shells, sliced each bulb, to outside for about 5 minutes, then take each scrub to the teeth. Should remove all the teeth of both jaws, especially the teeth are sensitive.

Eating walnuts is rich in linoleic acid, calcium and phosphorus, which reduces the excitability of the dental nerves, thereby relieving the pain.

Tips to treat toothache with walnuts are quite simple as follows: Rinse mouth with salt water, chew 20 grams of walnuts in 3-5 minutes, slowly swallow. vietnam dentist prices