Cosmetic gums in dental implant teeth in Vietnam

In implant implants, sinus lift, bone grafting is a technique that supports implant transplantation that is easier and more convenient. Gingival aesthetics in implants is a technique that plays a very important role in the period when the dentist performs dental implants. If the patient has lost teeth for a long time will have the phenomenon of bone loss, so too. When missing teeth for an extended period of time, the patient has not performed any dental restorations, the gums will shrink, and even discolored, resulting in aesthetic loss to the mouth. especially for the incisors. Aesthetics should choose braces or porcelain teeth. In fact, many customers come to dental aesthetics, there is always the confusion between the two forms of dental aesthetics today are orthodontic braces and porcelain crowns.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cosmetic gums in dental implant teeth

In the process of performing oral prosthetics, doctors combine the practice of aesthetic gums right away that will bring high implant effectiveness and especially achieve the perfect aesthetic for the mouth mold. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The gums are composed of many components: gingival, gingival, gum, epithelial adhesion. All these components make up the structure of the gums surrounding the root.

The gingival part is a gingival part that surrounds the tooth root with a width of about 1 mm and forms the soft wall of the gum slot. This gingival part can be removed from the tooth surface when the doctor visits and probe for periodontal disease.

The gum is the next part of the gingiva, which is firmly attached to the alveolar bone. The gum and alveolar bone are joined together by a collagen bundle system.

The gums are located at the interstitial, the narrow, V-shaped grooves, the gums are the contact between the gums and the tooth surface. We can easily observe with the naked eye to see the gingival cavity in the oral cavity. vietnam dentist prices

Gingival is the gingival part of the tooth where the contact between the two shaped teeth. If the patient has a very large papilla, or does not have a gingival papilla, it looks very aesthetic. At the same time if the patient enters such a case, when food is eaten, food is easily caught in, enabling bacteria to proliferate and cause bad breath as well as other pathological problems.

Because of the aesthetics and potential dangers surrounding the gums, the implants need a cosmetic gynecologist for the implant. Bring the desired effect. In addition to implant implants, when repairing dental porcelain by any means, the patient should also ask the doctor to make aesthetic gums, to have the most beautiful appearance after dental restorations.